Farmer's Market

Even if you are not a big fan of having your fruits and vegetables, you will enjoy your options here at the Farmer’s Market. Here you will actually be looking to get a nice collection of healthy foods to make your visit better as opposed to dreading seeing all of these things lined up together. This game is typical of many of the current 5 reel games that are out there today in that it offers options of up to twenty different lines to be able to play along the five reels.

How to Win

There are a number of different ways to win when you are at the Farmer’s Market. The thing you need to know thought is how you are going to place your bet and what it is you are going to be willing to risk. The best way to be able to do this is to look at all of the different options you have in your coin size can vary anywhere from$.01 all the way to $5.00 per coin. Each line can have a maximum of 10 coins that you can play per line. Consider that if you were to place the max bet of $5.00 per coin at 10 per line on 20 lines you could max out at $1000.00. Now look at the max payout on one spin can be in the amount of five thousand coins. This can be a huge payout if you are able to get the reels to line up in the way that you want and hope.

What to Match

The best option and the symbols that offer the best payout are the wild strawberries. There are other fruit and vegetable combinations you can mix and match as well in order to be able to get some of the smaller payouts and to keep winning. The ones that offer the lowest payouts are the onions and egg plants that will provide you with some winnings but no were near what you could win if you were to end up with a series of 5 strawberries. No matter what you are looking to get in the world of the Farmer’s market, you will never look at fruits and vegetables in the same way again. You will now look forward to seeing them and seeing a lot of them all together as opposed to hoping that they are nowhere near you anymore.