Dr Lovemore Slots

If you are looking to find a video slot that is more about fun and fantasy than treasure, then you will want to play Dr Lovemore . This game by Playtech offers a wide variety of options and ways to play. In order to be able to make the most out of this game, you need to look at what you want to play and how you will be able to have a sense of humor. Look towards what you can be doing and how it is you will be able to go through life as a gigolo as you play. You will have a variety of symbols to match and have fun with in this game as you try to reach the max payout.

How to Win

You will need to match up any number of different symbols to be able to win. Whether it is the bottle of champagne, the various flavored condom options or the different other little symbols, it is all about matching. If you are able to get the pants symbol to show up in the game, then you will be able to get free spins. These are only available on line 1 and 5 in the game and if you get them and then get them again, your free spins will double. Since there are so many different symbols and prizes there is a large variation in the payout that you can receive from this game.

How to Play

Dr Lovemore is a 5 reel twenty pay line game that you can play. The minimum bet on the game is a coin size of $.01 and can go all the way to $5.00 per coin. You need to look at all of the different options and opportunities to look at as far as how much you will bet on each line and how many lines you are willing to play on. The max you can spend in one spin is $1000.00. The max pay out you can receive form a bet of that size is ten thousand times higher than your bet. Being able to play Dr Lovemore is one of the more fun and interesting options you will find. It is a break from the traditional and normal video slots out there and offers you the ability to be able to try something different and more fun than the games you are used to. There are no hidden treasure chests, just lots of innuendos to consider and deal with.