Ultimate Fighters Slots

If you love martial arts, you will enjoy the Ultimate Fighters slot game . This slot game is a video slot game with good graphics and offers a decent payout. For those who are looking for something that is interesting to play and want it to be easy to learn, such as beginners, this game works, but it is challenging enough to keep advanced players busy too. Give the game a try right now.

Game Play

Ultimate Fighters focuses on professional, well known fighters. The game is a three reel game that has 8 paylines to it. It offers numerous features including the wild symbol, bonus round and scatters all to help you to increase your payout options. Bet options are as low as .01 on up to $5 for the game. You can bet a maximum of 3 coins per line and the maximum bet is $120. The betting options make this game an attractive option.

The Features

This multi line slots game offers some good features to help you to increase your chances of winning. You can hit the scatter symbol, which will lead to multiples on the next hands. The scatter symbol needs to appear four times on the screen to activate. If you hit the Bonus Samurai during the game play, this triggers the bonus round. This will help you to win free game spins as well as multipliers applied to winning combinations during the bonus round.

The Graphics

Ultimate Fighters is a good graphically designed game. It features an Oriental theme with icons such as a Buddha, samurais and martial arts fighters. The characters in the game are well drawn. When you do win, the symbols become animated alerting you of the win. The game runs well, too, without any sluggishness that other games often have.

Should You Play?

Ultimate Fighters offers a lot of fun in a small package. You can win up to 5000 coins as the top jackpot and 1000 coins as the secondary jackpot. The game's layout is effective and simple enough, with bright colors and creatively drawn icons. The animation helps the game to come alive for players. In addition, the game is appropriate for all levels of players betting at any level. Select this game if you want an interesting theme with more animation and a larger jackpot. The game can be a lot of fun to play, especially if you like martial arts.