Jungle Boogie Slots

Sometimes it can be good to have a break from all the multiple reel and payline games you see online. The original one armed bandit games are always fun to play and you will certainly love every minute you spend playing the Jungle Boogie game.

Download it and try it out today and see whether you like it – we’re pretty sure you will!

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

The game has just three reels, in common with all the proper one armed bandit games, and just one single payline. This makes it a great beginner’s game and a nice return to basics for everyone else.

What are the minimum and maximum bets on offer?

You can wager from 0.05 on the payline if you wish, and go up to 5.00 as the top bet. Your bet amount is turned into a coin, and you can choose whether you want to play one, two or three coins on your payline with each spin.

What kinds of symbols does the game use?

With a name like Jungle Boogie you might already have a fair idea of what to expect!

Lots of different jungle animals appear on the reels, including tigers (the biggest payout symbol), parrots and monkeys. Strangely enough you will spot some fish on the reels as well, but don’t worry because just one fish can win you back at least double the amount you wagered initially.

Is there a bonus round built into the game?

No, this really is a basic game and it doesn’t have any type of bonus game or round built into it at all. However this doesn’t really make it any less interesting. Sometimes a fast and simple game is superb to play, and Jungle Boogie definitely falls into this category.

Download and try the Jungle Boogie slots game today!

This game is a superb addition to the many other one armed bandit themed games that are online today. The colors are amazing as you will see when you start to play it.

The animals are well drawn and it doesn’t have a cartoon feel. Instead they are all quite realistic and you will enjoy every aspect of playing the game, no matter how much you are wagering on each spin.

Try downloading it today and give the Jungle Boogie slots a go!