Afilias has Commenced the Landrush Period for the .BET Domain

The Domain registry operator, Afilias, has recently announced that the launch of a landrush period for the new domain .BET internet address.

This was announced last month, that this domain internet address was designed expressibly for the betting, gambling and gaming sectors.

Initially registration was limited to eligible trademark holders, and they were given until February 4 to apply for this new address, and now it has been opened up to other operators.

During February 8 through to February 12, .BET domains will be available by using the Dutch Auction format, with names beginning at a maximum price and then will be lowered in decrements on a daily basis for registrants to decide what price point they wish to register.

Afilias will then offer open the registration for new domains from March 3.

Mr. Roland LaPlante, who is the chief marketing officer at Afilias, said that the .BET domain is the ideal internet address for any wagering activities and the games of chance both online and offline.

He continued that the .BET was the new top-level domain that was created specifically for large and growing online betting and the gambling community. It is also short, easily memorable, a global and ideal for marketing domain.