Unibet Revenues have soared in 2015

Business is flourishing for Unibet their their 2015 financial statement reveals. Most of Unibet’s operations performed very well, however, their standalone online poker product did show a sharp drop in revenues, this matches the trend of their rivals.

Their total gross winnings revenue for 2015 soared to £354.1 million from their 2014 winnings of £312.0 million, this is an impressive increase of 13.49%. Their underlying profits also shot up with an increase 8.06% to £69.7 million.

The two acquisitions of Unibet, Stan James Online and the iGame Group are looking to be paying off as their contribution was £13.0 million in the gross winnings revenue and £2.7 million in the normalised Earnings before Tax, Interest, Depreciations, and Amortisation (EBITA) during the 4th quarter of 2015, had they been part of Unibet they would have generated approximately £46.1 million in gross winnings revenue for the full financial year..

Unibet’s CEO, Henrik Tjärnström, is totally delighted with their company’s performance.

He said that they have delivered a market-leading revenue growth over the 4th quarter of 2015, which generated 43% increase in their gross winnings revenue compared to the same period during 2014, 57% in constant currencies. The organic growth of Unibet and Maria was 26%. The focus on scalability across the whole Group enabled them to deliver an all-time high in underlying the EBITDA for the quarter of GBP 27.1 million, up 47% in GBP. Mobile showed 56% of the gross winnings revenue compared to 51% during the third quarter.

Mr. Tjärnström continued that the acquisitions had also accelerated the transformation of their business and the locally-regulated revenues were now 34.3% cent of the gross winnings revenue compared to 28.4% during the 3rd quarter of 2015. The UK has the world’s largest locally-regulated gambling market, and this was their largest locally-regulated market.

During the period up to 7 February 2016, the average daily gross winnings revenue increased by approximately 45% in GBP and about 47% in the local currencies over the same period in 2015. This includes the iGame Group & Stan James Online the organic which showed an increase of more than 30% in constant currency.

Poker Revenues Slump 9.52%

One area of the business Mr. Tjärnström was not pleased with is the online poker which generated a gross winnings revenue of £8.4 million during 2014, but has slumped by 9.52% to £7.6 million during 2015.

The Unibet Poker showed a Year-on-Year growth decline of 10% during 2015, despite that the result was much better than 2014 where it shrank by 38%, this is partly due to them moving from the MPN to their standalone network.