True Love Slots

True Love is going to have you falling in love with the Playtech slots game. This game is a five reel game with a total of 15 pay lines. The game has some great, brightly colored graphics and a fun loving theme. If you are looking for something special for Valentine's Day or just to share your loving thoughts, this game is right for you. Of course, the massive jackpot helps. This is an easy enough game for the beginner slot player but it works well for any player.

The Graphics

If you love pink and purple, you will love the layout of this game. The graphics are simple and well done. The icons include things like gems, rings, hearts and even Cupid. The game play style is easy enough and you will find it to be fast moving.

The Winnings

To play True Love, you will need to match up proper pictures on the paylines, like any other type of video slot game. This game does have potential for a big payout. In fact, you can earn the jackpot of 10,000 coins if you are lucky enough to do so. As for betting, you can bet from as low as .01 on up to $5 if you want to.


In order to win the game big, you may want to get into the bonus features. One of those features is a wild card. It is the cupid symbol. When you hit five of these in your payline, you win the jackpot. In addition to this, there are scatters in this game. If you line up three scatters, which are the girl icons, you can win 15 free spins, which are retriggerable. In addition to this, you will have 3x multiplier during those free spins.

Should You Play?

There are many reasons to play True Love . The game pays out two jackpots, one at 10000 coins and a second jackpot of 2500. The maximum per line is 10 coins and the biggest bet you can make is $750. This, plus the fun theme of the game, makes it an attractive option for anyone who is looking for a fun game to play with the potential of winning big. To increase your potential payout, you will want to increase the bet you make, but remember this also increases the risk. Many people are loving this game and changes are good that you will do the same.