Ugga Bugga Slots

Ugga Bugga is a simple, African themed game that offers a good layout and numerous features to keep players interested. The game is a good option, with a number of betting limits that can choose. In addition, it has interesting graphics that keep your attention. If you are ready to start playing, go for it. The bongo drum music may just get you interested right off the bat.

The Graphics

The game play is good, and the layout of the screen is easy to use. The game's theme is an African safari, with a quirky play on the theme. The game has icons such as masks, brave warriors and huts, not to mention drums. The colors are bright and add to the game quality. The layout is simple to follow and there are limited flashing or other distractive elements to the game.

Playing the Game

Ugga Bugga is a Playtech game. It allows you to bet in a range from .01 up to $5 per bet. The biggest jackpot in the game is 1000 coins. The game has three reels to spin and ten total paylines. It follows basic slot game play style, allowing players to choose a bet and to align the proper icons to win the various coin values or prizes. One of the features that add to the game is the Wild Symbol. This symbol can stand in for any other symbol on the board to create winning combinations. In addition to this, you can play the hold feature. In this feature, you can hold on to some symbols in your first spin that will carry over onto your next spin. This way, you can increase your chances of creating winning combinations. The hold feature is easy enough to use, just choose the symbols you wish to hold and spin again.

Who Should Play?

Ugga Bugga is a fun game to play for its sound and graphics. It is an easy game to learn and to play. To increase your chances of winning increase your bet amounts. Also, note that you can benefit from the bonus round and the wild symbols in the game. This game is easy enough to play for those who are new to video slots, but can be a great break for those who want something other than a challenging game. Check out Ugga Bugga game now to find out just how much you love this theme.