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8 Ball Slots
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Types3-reel, classic

If you enjoy playing a game of pool in your spare time and also appreciate the lure of a classic slots game, then you will enjoy a game that combines aspects of pool with the anticipation and excitement of slots.

About 8 Ball Slots

8 Ball Slots is a classic Vegas style 3 reel, one payline game offering from Playtech. Classic slots are the best type of immersion into the world of this game genre. If you have not yet succumbed to the lure of the spinning reels, a slot like 8 Ball will be a wonderful introduction for you as to how the game works.

Playing 8 Ball Slots

The heart of the game is the reels. In 8 Ball Slots, the reel symbols reflect the pool table theme of the game. Brightly colored solid and striped pool balls numbered from 1 to 15 are the catalysts for wins when they settle on the payline in the right combinations. The 8 Ball virtual slot game is designed to look like an actual slot machine of the sort seen in brick and mortar casinos around the world. Probably the most noticeable feature of 8 Ball Slots is the massive paytable situated at the top of the game screen.

About the Paytable

Those new to playing slots may not realize how much information there is to be had in this attractive listing of billiard/ pool balls and numbers. A closer inspection will reveal that certain ball number combinations pay more than others do. Knowledge of these higher-paying balls and their payout amounts can help players know instantly if they have come up with a winning combination.

Winning with 8 Ball Slots

Players can enjoy 8 Ball Slots for free or play for real money. The maximum jackpot available in 8 Ball Slots is 2000 coins. There is also a second jackpot of 800 coins. This virtual slot machine is set up to accept wagers of one to two coins. Coin denominations range from five cents all the way up to $5.00. This seems to be a "looser" slot than many online, and with a total maximum bet of 10 coins per spin, wins are more frequent than you might think.

Have a Blast with 8 Ball Slots

8 Ball Slots has no Scatter or Wild symbols. Even so, it is a popular slots game that receives thousands of plays at online casinos on a weekly basis. You'll enjoy learning about slots with 8 Ball Slots. If you are an experienced slots player, 8 Ball Slots will appeal to you as well. Play 8 Ball Slots today!