Crazy 7

There is something both nostalgic and entertaining about playing the old style of slot machines. Perhaps it is remembering those big wins in the past or just feeling more like you are actually at a casino rather than playing online. Crazy 7 Slots is a great example of a very traditional or classic style of slot machine that works well as an online game. Vibrant colors, traditional slot play and a very simple format will definitely have you returning to this game time and time again.

Rules Of Play

Crazy 7 slots by Playtech is a simple three reel one payline slot game. As the player you select the value of the coins you want to play from a low of five cents to a high of five dollars. You then decide how many coins to bet, with a maximum of three on each spin. Having the ability to change the coin amounts and the coin number can really extend you playing time. There is also an autoplay feature that allows you to set the number of spins you want the machine to make on your behalf. You can stop the autoplay feature and resume manual spins at any time by a simple click of the button.

Symbols of The Game

As can be easily seen by a quick glance at the slot machine the symbols are all sevens of different colors. There is a red seven, green seven and blue seven, matching these across the payline in threes pays out according to you bet amount and number of coins per line. Even combination of different colored sevens pay out based on the amount of your bet.

Additional Add-Ons

Although the colors on Crazy 7 slots definitely add to the game, there is also some very wild music when the screen first opens. Unlike many online slot games you see the entire slot machine as if you were playing at a bank of machines. You will definitely know you are playing this game just by hearing the variety of crazy sounds made by the system on any type of winning combination. Playing just to hear what will happen next makes this game a popular option for all levels of slot players. The game itself has a very fast spin, meaning that you can definitely enjoy the visual presentation, winning jackpots and the cool sounds of the game.