Ancient Wonders Game

The Ancient Wonders Game is one of the fun games you simply have to play . The game is not yet released and there is limited information available about it. However, most previews are showing that this game will be a positive one worth playing. The game is one from NuWork. it is a 50 pay line slot game.

Theme and Game Style

One of the most important things for any type of slot game is having great graphics and a fun theme. That is what is present in the Ancient Wonders Game. It is all about Zeus and the ancient world of gods and goddesses. Your game play takes place in graphics that look and feel like the Hanging Garden. The Greek Gods make this game an enjoyable choice for virtually every type of player.

Game Playing

The Ancient Wonders Slot Game will be a 5 reel game with a 50 payline style. It is a video slot game. There will be two bonus features in the game. The game also will include three random jackpots. To get the random jackpots, you will have the ability to win at the end of any spin. These show up randomly, of course. The bonus round will include the Ancient Wonders feature where you will get to pick from one of seven wonders. These pop up when one of the bonus rounds is triggered. Winning these will give you prizes that are valued as much as 1000 times the triggering bet.

Free Spins

Another feature of this game is the free spins. The Ancient Wonders Game will include a free spin feature that gives seven free spins when the feature is triggered during the game play. These spins come with a multiplier feature. These increase with the number of spins that occur. This multiplies up to seven times the amount of the bet. This can make your bankroll nice and big very quickly. This game will be a good one for those who want great graphics and sounds while playing a simple to use slot game. The Ancient Wonders Game is likely to be a favorite for those who love bonus rounds and free spins. This game offers both. For those who want to dive into the game and start playing right away, the game is set to release on June 20, 2012. Become a Greek god while you are playing this game. With bright colors and traditional slot style, it may become a favorite.