Bermuda Triangle Slots

Bermuda Triangle Slots
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The mysterious Bermuda Triangle has long been a favorite topic of discussion around the world. The Bermuda Triangle Slots gives you the option to explore this strange part of the planet and still make some great coin. This classic type of three reel, five payline slot from Playtech is easy to understand but still engaging enough to become a tried and true favorite for those that love sea themed slots.

Style Of The Game

Like many of the classic types of three reel one payline slots offered by Playtech the impression that the player gets is not sitting just at one slot machine but rather sitting at a bank of machines. You can easily see the sides of other Bermuda Triangle slots to the left and the right of your machine, just as you would in a traditional casino. There is also a clear background of another bank of slots or the windows overlooking a night skyline, adding to the impression of being right there in the casino. The buttons on the machine are simple and clearly labeled, allowing you to increase you bet, max bet and spin with a simple click of the mouse.

Symbols And Prizes

The symbols of the game are the interesting marine animals found in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. There is the dolphin, shark, octopus, the plane and the ship. The ships are the symbols that provide the biggest payout, three on the payline with a maximum bet amount results in the jackpot of 1000 coins. Matching any three identical symbols provides the corresponding payout, however matching any three mixed seas creatures or planes and ships are also wins. There are 11 different winning combinations in the game, with ships and planes paying out the highest prizes in any combination.

Playing Strategies

There are no distractions with this game, so the gambler can focus in on maximum bet for the best chance to win the biggest amount in the jackpot. There is the option to use an autoplay feature that allows you to sit back and watch the reels spin without the need to keep hitting the spin button. If, however, you wish to stop the feature before the pre-selected number of spins is completed you can easily do that just by clicking the button again. Playing Bermuda Triangle Slots is a great way to get into the fun of online gaming or to take try something new. The graphics are colorful and the winning potential is great in this classic styles of slot action.