Fruits 4 Jackpot – The Brand New Game from World Match in HD

Whenever a new slot game is released it’s always worth a closer look. We’ve come across Fruits 4 Jackpot, a new slot hailing from World Match and presented in high definition for additional good value.

But what does it have to offer? While you can play the game at any casino featuring World Match games, we’ve reviewed it for you below so you know what to expect.

Take a spin with a brand new game based on a classic

Fruits 4 Jackpot focuses on the original kind of fruit machine slot you would have seen in casinos and online. But this slot looks a little different from those, as you will see. You can find a lot of familiar fruit symbols on the reels, including the classic cherries, but also including kiwis and grapes. You should keep an eye out for the jackpot symbols as well, as these come up in a variety of different colors.

The game plays with five reels and has 25 lines in total. This means you have a good opportunity to play them all and try to get some good wins with each spin you make.

Fantastic additional jackpot opportunities

We’ve already mentioned the jackpot symbols that appear in a range of different colors. These relate to jackpot amounts that are given at the top of the game screen. You’ll see a different amount increases for each separate color.

If you manage to get the right combination of jackpot symbols of any color on the reels as you play, you can trigger the appropriate jackpot to be paid to you. They can go into four figures and above, so they’re well worth looking for.

Who are World Match?

World Match came into being in 2003. In the years that followed, they have developed dozens of slot machines, now numbering more than 100. They have also created 30 table games. Both have been created to play smoothly on a range of mobile devices, as well as on desktops and laptops.

Several online casinos use World Match games to ensure their customers have a superb range of games to choose from. Fruits 4 Jackpot is just the latest of these. It does however have all the ingredients to provide a great experience that is really good fun – not to mention those jackpot-winning chances, of course! Will you be able to win one or more of them?