Party Line Slots

The most basic of all slots games is the original one armed bandit style game. This has the appearance of a one armed bandit game too, even if it appears online.

So let’s check out one of the most colorful versions of this game – the Party Line slots you can download and play right now for as long as you like.

How many reels and paylines does the game have?

As a traditional game you will find just one payline here and a total of three reels. You can however play as many as three coins on that single payline, so you do get some variety if you want to wager more cash on it.

What are the minimum and maximum bets available?

Well we’ve seen we can bet between one and three coins on the payline. But how much can those coins be worth?

The answer is that the lowest value is 0.05, while the highest value is 5.00. So there is plenty of variety there for every type of player to find a bet amount that suits them.

What types of symbols are in play in the game?

There are drinks of various kinds, keyboards, radios, party hats and more besides in the Party Line game. As you can see it really lives up to its title!

Watch out for the party hats in particular, because the easiest prize to win is for three party hats of any color to appear on the payline. If you manage to get three of a matching color you can win even more!

Is there a bonus game in play in Party Line slots?

This is a standard Las Vegas style game which is pretty basic in its design. It means there is no bonus game to watch out for.

However you can still enjoy lots of exciting game play simply by looking at the reels and watching for matching symbols to pop up.

Download and play Party Line slots today for some great fun times!

You will be amazed at just how colorful this game really is. The party hat brings the best prize of all if you happen to find three of the multicolored ones. Four thousand coins is the top prize on Party Line, and if you wager the maximum bet and get lucky, it will certainly bring you an amazing win to enjoy.