If you love your rock ‘n’ roll you will no doubt be interested in the advantages of playing the Rock ‘n’ Roller slots game online. With a musical theme through and through, it has everything you could want from a plain and simple slots game.

Try downloading it and give it a try today , and you’ll discover the following superb features and benefits.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This is one of the more basic games where everything including the paytable appears on the same screen. It has a basic three reel layout, but it still offers you five paylines instead of the standard one you will often get. So you have some options to consider here that you may not have thought about.

What are the minimum and maximum bets you can wager?

The minimum coin value you can play with is 0.05, so it opens up the game to plenty of different players. The highest value goes up to 5.00 which is ideal if you have a bigger budget to play Rock ‘n’ Roller with.

What kinds of symbols will you see on the game?

This is a musical game so you’ll see record discs, drums, guitars and other musically related symbols as well.

The platinum records offer the best returns so watch out for any winning combinations that feature these discs. You can also win if you get three blank spaces on an enabled payline!

Does Rock ‘n’ Roller have a bonus game of any kind?

No there is no bonus game in the Rock ‘n’ Roller game. But if you want to step up from a standard three reel, one payline game, you couldn’t do better than to play this one. It offers some nice additional features that go beyond what you would normally see on such a game, so it’s a nice one to progress to.

Download and try out Rock ‘n’ Roller today and see what you think!

It doesn’t really matter whether you are musical or not; the game is great to play and has enough going for it to keep you interested. It’s also good for all kinds of budgets so regardless of how much you want to wager on it, Rock ‘n’ Roller is excellent for your next game.

Download it and try it out to see whether Rock ‘n’ Roller will turn into one of your top games!