Sultan's Fortune Slots

Sultan's Fortune is a slots game. It is one of the more popular options because of its high payout and winning ability and because it offers a fun theme. The game is a classic style game, which also attracts many people to it. If you are looking for good graphics and a fun, but simple game to play this is the one for you. With the bets ranging a bit higher than some games, this game may mean a bigger payout.

The Theme

The Sultan's Fortune is a casino game that features a traditional Arabic theme to it. Symbols in the game are anything from hearts to magic hats and jewels, not to mention others. The entire game is brightly colored and easy to play and understand. It is a visually appealing game. The game has simple symbols such as an oyster shell and a powerful sword.

The Winning Ability

With this game, you can win as high as 10,000 coins. That is a significant amount of money for the lucky winner. You can bet at the point that works for you but bet ranges include .05 to $5 in this game. The higher you bet, the higher your potential reward goes, if you should win. In addition to this method of winning, you can also win by hitting on the right symbols in the game. For example, if you get three of the Top Hat icons in the payline, you will win the biggest jackpot of 10,000 coins. There is a secondary jackpot in this game as well. It is 4000 coins. In addition to the Top Hat icons, the wand is also a wild symbol. To win the most, you are going to have to bet high, but these extra game options can enhance how much you win in the first place.

Why Play

Suntans Fortune may just help you to win a fortune in classic slot style. This game is a popular option among those who enjoy this particular type of game. You will also find the auto play function to be something you cannot resist in game play. Walk away from playing a few rounds with up to 10,000 coins in your winnings. Moreover, what you will notice is that this game has you coming back over and over again for all of the things that make Playtech so empowering, from the graphics to the winning ability. Play this game today .