Tres Amigos Slots

Tres Amigos is a fun themed slot game. This single line game offers a Spanish theme to it. The game features three amigos, or friends, that sing during the game play who use a Spanish guitar. The game offers a clear, simply layout, good graphics and has gives players a decent ability to play the game. Beginners or advanced players may enjoy it. Choose this game to play if you want something humorous to play.


Tres Amigos offers a basic format and betting style. The game has a big prize that equates to 2500x the denomination that you select. This is a two coin single payline slot, so you do not have multiple paylines to choose from. This does increase your risks, but, as a result, it also increases the amount you can win based on the amount you bet. During game play, if you gather each of the three amigo icons in the game, you will win 1200x the value you bet, if you bet at the one coin limit. If you land on three tacos in this game, you win the payout of 1000x. In addition to this, you can hit the red chili pepper at three in a row, which will increase your payout by 200x the maximum amount you bet. If you get two chili peppers, you get 10x the payout and if you just get one, you still get 4x the payout. While this may seem confusing, it is an easy to play game nonetheless.

The Graphics

The graphics in this game are what make it interesting to play. You find that the game's fun themed Spanish style, everything from hot peppers to cactuses and guitars, really makes for an interesting theme. Other icons include margaritas, maracas and similar themed icons. The music adds to the ambiance, making the game a bit more interesting to play.

Making It A Winner

If you want to win at Tres Amigos, be sure to bet at the maximum limit. If you do this, this will improve the payout, but it also increases your risk level. You can also play with the denomination right for you, ranging from .05 to as high as $5. There are plenty of reasons to play this game including the graphics, the unique theme or the numerous ways to win. Choose this game if you are looking for a change from traditional, multiple payline games.