Silver Bullet Slots

Silver Bullet is a video slot game that takes you back to the days of the Wild West. The game gives you multiple ways to win, and to win big. This five reel game has basic graphics and a simple style that makes it easy to play and a lot of fun. The goal of the game is to line up several equal pictures in order to gain. The amount you can win is limited by how much you bet. However, this five reel game gives up nine lines at one time to win from.

Simple Winning

One of the ways that Silver Bullet stands out from the rest of the casino games is that as long as you get one of the elements on the line, you could win. For example, if you get at least one of the barrel icons on the game's bet, you will win. In addition to this type of game play, there are wild cards in the game. The wild card is the sheriff symbol. The colt is another wild card symbol. The Colt gives you an additional bonus if you have two symbols on one line.

Good Graphics

One of the nice things about Silver Bullet is that the game gives you a clean, simple design. You are not dealing with overwhelming flashes here. You will find the wild west theme to be interesting enough, with its horse's hooves, cowboy hats and wagon wheel symbols to play with. The lucky 7 is also a part of this games play.

Betting To Win

The game allows you to control how much you want to bet, from as low as 0.01 to as high as $5. To get the highest amount you will need to bet at the highest limits possible. To test out your skills in this game and to get a feel for how it works, play the free training version of the game.

Who Should Play

Silver Bullet is one of the better games to play for those who are looking for an easy to play game that gives you numerous ways to win money. You remain in control of the amount of money you wish to bet, which means you control just how much you can win, too. Take the time to check out this game. It is sure to take you back to the Wild West and finally get the type of winning you want to be hitting.