It Came From Venus Slots

It Came From Venus Slots
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Types3D, 5-reel, bonus
ThemesAliens, Space

Heck, you never know when aliens will come to earth and take over your farm, then believe it or not, make you win lots of money. Well, Skeeter the corn farmer has news for you, there’s something from outer space that has suddenly landed in his farm and you get to check it out. You’ll have a great time on this Betsoft Gaming 5 reel 30 paylines 3D video slots game that is sure to make any slots player laugh looking for funny aliens and farmers.

  • This game is full of animations and will entertain you for hours. To start, you have to watch the video as it really sets the tone for this game. A giant asteroid comes all the way from outer space with a plant like alien creature attached to it. Then it crashes on onto the farm and then low and behold it turns into a video slots machine.
  • But the trick will be to keep it away from the Military as they are now looking for the alien, and they know it landed on the farm. The game interface is set on the front of the barn with a rooster on the top left of the roof and sound switch below that. Then in the middle is the big green and yellow logo for the game and on the far right is the view pays button.
  • In the middle below the logo is the information scroll for the game. On either side going down the right and left side of the barn are the paylines indicators. Then just hanging out on the right is good old Skeeter the farmer. On the far left is the creature from outer space that looks like a giant animal eating plant.
  • The creature seems to become friends with Skeeter the farmer or even like a pet. Along the bottom of the game are the balance indicator, credits and the bet amount. On the very bottom are the choose coin selection, bet per line, select lines on the barrel, spin and double up buttons and the bet max button.
  • The 3D animated symbols on this game are really fun to watch and make the game really interesting and hilarious. Well designed and completing the theme with cool sounding country banjo music, the symbols include: The Alien Plant, Skeeter the Farmer, Lieutenant Pogue, a Scarecrow, Military Truck, Helicopter, Crater with the Meteorite in it, Dog House with Dog, Barn, Fence with Shovels, Plant Food Sacks, 5x Wild and a Do Not Trespass Sign.

It Came To Venus Slots comes with a truckload of features

This alien creature may have come from outer space but it sure came with lots of features that will create lots of winning combinations. The game is always kept interesting with every spin as there is always something coming up. To start there is the Stacked Collapsing Wins where if you get 3 of the same type of symbols in all 3 positions on the reels, then those symbols will collapse down and make winning combinations like a 3 combo payout. Once a reel collapses it can make even more winning combinations. Then there is the Random Wilds feature.

  • This means that every time you spin the reels there is a good chance that more wilds will appear on the reels. Here is where you can get up to 10X multipliers when they hit. Now you’re ready for the “Feed Me” free spins.
  • You will know when you hit that when the “Plant Food” symbol appears anywhere on the middle reel and it will fly out off the reels an onto the barrel where the Alien Plant from Venus will eat it up.
  • Once he eats up 3 bags, then the Feed Me free spins will start and it’s during the free spins bonus round when the plant food symbol will appear and turn into a Sticky Wild symbol and you’ll get multiple free spins.
  • Then there is the Scatter Pay feature where if you get 3 or more NO Trespassing signs anywhere on the reels you will trigger a scatter payout of up to 1500 coins.
  • You will like the Double UP feature that takes you to a second screen bonus round. Here is where if you get a winning combination and the Double UP button lights up you can click it and go to the second screen bonus round. Now Skeeter the Farmer will play catch with the Plant by tossing an apple and see if he catches it.
  • You get to select whether or not the plant will catch and eat the apple. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled. You can cancel at anytime and go back to the game and collect your credits.
  • Now you’re ready for the Save the Planet Bonus Round that gives you even more. All you have to do is get 3 or more Helicopter symbols on the reels and you will be taken to the second screen bonus round.
  • Here is where the military man Lieutenant Pogue has kidnapped the plant and you and Skeeter get to rescue it by clicking on the correct crates in the truck and collect bonus points for every crate you click on.